At Custom Industries, our mission and values are to provide customers with innovative products, excellent service and superior quality.

When Custom Industries co-founder Tom McAfee started in the glazing industry in 1962 his focus was on detail and customer satisfaction. His passion for learning expanded over the years and led him to creating many products that are used industry wide. Our goal is to carry on this legacy of innovative thinking from product development that helps the industry, or to create business opportunities that set Custom Industries apart from the competition and provide value for our customers.

It started with the purchase of a Ford truck and a glass rack in 1967. Tom came home and shared with his wife, Charlotte, they were starting their own glass company. This was the beginning of their journey to Custom Industries. They and the people they hired over the years evolved from retail, to manufacturing, to glass fabrication. Along the way, Custom Industries has established an emphasis on state of the art equipment with the first bent and flat glass tempering oven on the West Coast.

Our headquarters is located in Anaheim, California. Being in Southern California and close to Long Beach and Los Angeles ports we can ship anywhere in the United States and aboard. From airports to skyscrapers to custom homes, we supply bent and flat glass to fulfill our mission statement to bring innovative products, excellent service and superior quality to all our customers.